Philippine Hospital Association


After two years of holding the Hospital Best Practices In Infection Prevention and Control (HBPIPC) with Panel Discussions about the challenges of addressing the Covid-19, we are back with our main goal of recognizing the efforts of our Infection Control groups as we launch HBPIPC Year 9 this year with awarding to be held during the PHA 73rd Annual National Convention and Exhibits on November 17 at the Fiesta Pavilion of The Manila Hotel.

This year HBPIPC Awards Y9 is dubbed as a Special Edition: Focusing on the Pandemic Years of 2020-2021. If there is a time when all that we have learned and practiced in infection prevention and control was put to full test, it is the years 2020 and 2021, two challenging years of addressing an infection that crippled the whole world. It would be very interesting to see how we all fared in terms of managing the spread of the infection in the hospital, IPC innovations, among others.

Having said this, we are attaching the copy of the HBPIPC Y9 Awards Mechanics for your information and guidance. You will note that instead of the Jingle composition, we are having a TikTok Challenge in the hope of spreading IPC ideas across a most used platform such as TikTok.

Thank you and we hope to see everyone in November at the PHA 73rd ANCeX at The Manila Hotel!

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